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Hitting the Apex - the Director’s Cut + free FASTER T-shirt
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What is the Director’s Cut?
It’s the North America-only, three-disc Collector’s Edition first released in 2015. It has been unavailable in recent years.

The Collector’s Edition contains a Blu-ray of the movie, a DVD of the movie, and a bonus DVD of seven short films.

It is a handsome object - a box set with custom artwork designed by the filmmakers.

It also has an enhanced audio mix which makes it the best version of the film you can get your hands on - and very different to the cheap Universal single-disc Blu-ray.  See full story here

If you missed it the first time around, complete your collection now, enjoy the best version of the film (Blu-ray still beats streams and downloads hands down) - and support the filmmakers!

$26.95 plus shipping. USA only.


At the same time, have something on us.

While stocks last - to celebrate FASTER's upcoming twentieth anniversary - get yourself a free FASTER T-shirt!

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This offer is available in the USA only. Sorry, but those are the only rights we have.

HITTING THE APEX the Director’s Cut with free T-shirt

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